dxp1 series



dxp1 series

DCP/DXP Networking Simplified

The heart of QSC's complete cinema audio solution is our advanced DCP Series cinema processor. Built-in QSControl.net™ and SNMP networking enable control and monitoring of multiple auditoriums from either a local control room or remote network operations center. The DCP can communicate directly with our ultra-reliable DCA amplifiers via our high-performance DataPort interface, or connect using CobraNet™ on Cat-5 to QSC's new DXP Digital Expansion Processor.  QSC's new DXP works with the DCP 200 and 300 cinema processors to create the most powerful networked audio solution for cinema.  

DCA Series amplifiers connect to the DXP via QSC's DataPort interface. Twelve DataPorts offer maximum output and control flexibility for even the largest systems.  The DataPort connection supplies audio to the amplifier and controls the AC power while monitoring key amplifier conditions such as clipping and heat sink temperature. The audio output of the amplifier is returned to the DCP via the CobraNet connection so that it can be listened to via the DCP's built in monitor speaker.

When mounted behind the screen with the amplifiers, The DXP eliminates the need for long and expensive speaker cables and conduit. Inexpensive Ethernet cable and a local AC power source can greatly reduce the cost of system wiring. The DXP is also useful in "boothless" cinema concepts as the entire sound system need not be located in a single, large rack.


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